Note: most steering components on the C2 - C3 Corvette (1963-82) are.

The power steering control valve is connected to the pitman arm and drag link as shown.

reservoir with fresh power steering fluid. .

rebuild a power steering control valve.

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1963-82 Corvette Power Steering Cylinder, New, Interchangeable with GM Parts. I have done a lot of research and the best way is to get a modern power steering system that has. .

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. Begins step-by-step installation of the C2 / C3 small block Corvette rack and pinion power steering conversion kit. Corvette PART #: 25-394575-1 1969L-1982 Corvette Flaming River New Steering Gear Box.

Never use any hardware less than Grade 8 on steering and suspension. Normal Valve slop through the valve operation with the engine off.



(0) Check Vehicle Fit. Remove the cover (about 1/2" round) on the control valve.

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The reservoir supplies the fluid to the pump. Willcox Rebuilds a Corvette Power Steering Control Valve 1963-1982. Save. Quick and short. When our.

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To keep things simple, Zip Corvette Parts offers Power Steering Renew Kits for 63-79 small-block Corvettes, 65-74 big-blocks, and 80-82 models. 0.


Willcox Corvette.


Available with new or rebuilt components, the Renew Kits include a steering ram and control valve (be sure to return your old ones for core refunds with the rebuilt kit), power cylinder, and hoses.