Jan 12, 2017 · A John Company—the informal name for the East India Company—chess set, made in India c.

The word for queen comes from the Persian word “ferz”, which means councillor.

Names of the chess pieces in different languages : French, Spanish, Russian. chess pieces translation | English-German dictionary.

But most of them just use the Chinese chess equivalents because its easier and everyone knows them.


For a list of unorthodox chess. Elegant pieces from German. The table contains names for all the pieces as well as the words for chess, check, and checkmate in several languages.

I can only speak for German and Scandinavian, but, in contrast to English, the names of the following pieces are: Knight: German = Springer "jumper"; Swedish.

The pawns are like the foot soldiers in a battle, taking up the front row. Is the most valuable piece on the board - worth ‘9 points’ The queen is the most powerful piece in chess! It can move infinitely in any direction: vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The chess pieces carved in teak wood are easy to maintain.

It is very interesting to see how many cross-relationships there are among these names. .

The table includes a term corresponding to checkmate in janggi, “cang.


. There’s also šach (check), šachy (chess), mat (checkmate), šachovnice (chess board).

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, Läufer in German), “hunter” (e.
Several languages use the Arabic loanword alfil for the piece called bishop in English; in this context it is a chess-specific term which no longer has its original meaning of "elephant".


chess pieces translation | English-German dictionary.

. . The chess piecesnames are close translations from the Indian language.

Apr 10, 2023 · I have seen quite a few post in the comments sections that use german notation so I thought i would let everyone that might not know them in on the secret. For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets I have created the following three tables. Thus, there are 6 unique chess pieces. The chess pieces carved in teak wood are easy to maintain. Historic chess variants : The first predecessor of chess: Chaturanga, Shatranj, and other chess variants from ancient times.

In German and Dutch, it's respectively called läufer and loper, which mean "runner".

To start with, all of them seem to agree on the fact that the most important piece is the King, and they use that name in each language (Dutch: koning; German: könig; French: roi; Italian: re; Spanish: rey; Russian. .

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The chess pieces carved in teak wood are easy to maintain.

It moves and captures along diagonals without jumping over intervening pieces.